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Up for your consideration is this East German Model 1001, chambered for .32 acp! This is a post-war production unlicensed copy of a Walther PP, produced at Haenel Work. This pistol was produced by the East German state in violation of the Four Powers Agreement between 1953 and 1956 and is exceedingly rare and collectible. 


It is commercially proofed and has the wreath "A. B. 70" indicating acceptance by the Abnahmebauftragten (Acceptance Official/Agency). Imported by CAI, "PP" marking was added during importation. The slide is not original to the gun, it was cannabalized from another PP 1001 East German pistol and serial number matched to the original by Haenal. 





E. German Model 1001 .32 ACP PP Unlicensed Copy, Rare!