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Books About Procrastination There are so many books written about this subject that I had a hard time deciding which book I should purchase. I finally settled on the three below and have given a summary of what the books are about. Experts from the online homework help service chose books that were the most recently written. I just prefer to read these books rather than ones that were written a few years ago. Hopefully they have more relevant information to today’s issues.

Book – Breaking Procrastination Habits

No matter what you do there will always be something to procrastinate about. In this book by Fhilcar Faunillan you will learn how to free yourself from this and become more productive in your work and life in general. What causes procrastination? How do you overcome procrastination? This book will answer all your questions. It even gives you some rather effective exercises to do to get yourself more disciplined. I’m sure you know there are negative effects of procrastination and it can ruin your life if you don’t make some changes. Click on the book cover on the left and buy this book. It can change your life. Book – Beyond Proacrastination Beyond Procrastination is a program that you work through to help you overcome the guilt and stigma associated with it. Unfortunately, procrastination is a part of life and we all have to learn to deal with it in some way. It could be small or big, and life threatening. We all, in our minds, validate our reasons for procrastinating so we must analyse these thoughts and learn to recognise them for what they are. Read this book and learn how to overcome procrastination for good. Book – Procrastination: The Untilate Guide For some reason I liked this book, probably because of what is written on the front cover. It feels authoritative and all-knowing. Similar to the other books, Adam Richards goes into the causes of procrastination and puts them into categories. Learn what the 10 warning signs are and how to overcome them. Are you a chronic procrastinator? I think I am borderline chronic. Find out in this book. The author gives some interesting methods to work through, like the S.M.A.R.T. method to set goals and increase productivity using the Pareto Principle (also known as 80/20 rule). It is all logically set out and appeals to my logical brain. I found it a bit heavy going though. More resources: Thoughts on Writer’s Block

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