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To Initiate a Transfer, Fill out the Transfer Form! 

Transfer questions? Contact us here!



              Vienna Arsenal LLC Transfers are fast, inexpensive, and hassle-free! We charge $40 for the first gun and an additional $30 for each consecutive gun.

         Customers will NOT be notified when incoming transfers are received – follow the tracking information.  Give us 1 business day after the transfer has arrived to log everything in, and come in to pick it up.

              If you are a NON-US Citizen, please bring all your immigration status documents and a valid hunting license – we will NOT transfer any firearm to NON-US citizens without these documents.  

              Follow this link to purchase a license:             


              For security reasons and the safety of everyone, we close promptly at our regular closing hours. We do not conduct background checks outside of regular business hours!

               If the background check comes back “DENIED” the transferee is still responsible for any associated fees.


               Any items left at Vienna Arsenal, LLC beyond 30 days will require prior communication.  Call and speak with anyone here so we can label your firearm.   Any guns left at the store for 30 days or more without prior communication will be considered abandoned and become the legal property of Vienna Arsenal, LLC. 

              The ATF gives us broad discretion as an FFL license holder to refuse a sale or transfer. 

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